About Me

Dr. Ed Osburn

Hey, I’m Dr. Ed Osburn, and I’ve been through hell.

To be honest, I’ve resisted teaching this stuff. For a long time I’ve felt like I’ve been in the middle of it. But then I realized that was just a lie I was telling myself to avoid doing the work. And this work is all about ending the lies.

Some of you may know me from my work in the Chiropractic field. For years I’ve helped other Chiropractors escape the limitations of their practices to create not just a successful business, but a successful lifestyle as well.

But what you may not know is that I began that phase of my life after being forced to close my own successful practice when I was diagnosed with severe Crohn’s disease in May of 2009. I was only thirty-nine.

Overnight, I could no longer practice. And when I lost my “hustle,” I lost my purpose and reason for being. It sent me on a new journey – one where I had to challenge everything I believed about myself, about “success,” about life.

Through hard work and some powerful guides and mentors, I recreated myself and found the meaning in my challenges. And that’s led me here. I know the power of the right information and the right environment at the right time can create a transformative experience.

It’s my hope that Men of Iron can provide that experience for you.

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