The Forge

Definition: “to make or shape a metal object by heating it in a fire or furnace and beating or hammering it. Create something strong, enduring, or successful.”

The world wants you weak, bendable, malleable.

It’s time to fight back.

The Forge is a 30-day virtual coaching ramp-up, followed by a transformative 2-day live in person experience to challenge your limiting lies and push you further than you thought possible.

You’ll Never Be the Same

The Men of Iron Experience is designed to help you create the body, being, balance and business you deserve.

Knowledge + Action = Transformation


We start with a 30-day training period to start breaking old thought patterns and beliefs and replacing them with radically new information and possibility.

Resources include training materials to equip your mind to push beyond past limitations and escape the capacity of your current reality.

At the end of this training period, you’ll see — and believe — that there are absolutely no limitations on you, other than those you place on yourself.


During the two-day intensive, you’ll be called to the edge of your comfort zone and far beyond, seeing possibly for the first time what you are truly capable of.

Surrounded by the Iron Brotherhood, you’ll risk, push, and expand, committing yourself fully to limitless living.


The purpose of a forge is to transform weakness to strength, doubt to certainty, limits to expansion.

At the end of our time together, you won’t be the same.

The process is not easy. It will take everything you have — but it will show you what you are made of:


A special message from Dr. Ed Osburn:

Are you sick of living half a life?

Believing your own lies?

Settling for whatever scraps you can get because you’re too fucking weak to demand more?

Have you had enough?

Then welcome to the Men of Iron Experience: The Forge.

It’s where men are made. Real men. Men who don’t have to shout about their accomplishments because who they are speaks so loudly no one has to ask.

Underneath the lies, the excuses, the masks, the pretending, the bloat…


You can have what you deserve, in every area of your life:

Body Being Balance Business

If you’re ready to commit 100 percent and accept nothing less than success, I invite you to apply for the Forge. It’s not for everyone. Spaces are limited.

And you will be asked to die to your old self, taking a hatchet to the parts of you that are holding you back. So if you’re sick of looking in the mirror at what you’ve become, and you’re ready to do anything it takes to have what you deserve, we’re waiting for you.

– Ed