MOI 003 | Dr. Gabe Ellis | Forge Experience Light and Dark Warrior | Conversational Practice

Today’s Episode:

  • Dr. Ellis hit the ground running and got a nice comfortable chiropractic practice running outside Chicago
  • He was looking for a way to feel free through body, balance, and being in addition to financially
  • The byproduct of helping someone else is the greatest feeling you can have
    • When you get caught up in yourself you get lost quick
  • Force feeding someone your philosophy doesn’t work
  • The hedgehog quality: realizing what your strength is and really honing in on that and making it what you do
  • Know who you are as an individual first
  • When you use your potential, your business goes on autopilot
  • You have to hire people to make yourself better
    • Dr. Ellis has a three system checklist for hiring someone:
      • Common sense. Don’t push aside the inner voice
      • Could you have a beer with this person?
      • Are the core values you have aligned?
  • Isolation is a path of destruction

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